Is Birth Control covered on my health insurance plan?

If you have an ACA compliant plan, the answer is likely “Yes”.

If you do not, the answer is probably “No”.

The primary purpose of most birth control methods is to prevent unwanted pregnancy.  Birth control comes in many forms.  The simplest is of course, abstinence (not having sex).  However, for those that are sexually active, some other alternatives exist, most of the time for free with an ACA compliant health plan.

Let’s explore some of these options.

The Condom.  Condoms are birth control for men.  These are free on most ACA compliant health insurance plans.  Condoms prevent pregnancy and can protect against viruses and bacteria.  For this dual reason, they are a great option.

Intrauterine device (IUD).  These are small, T-shaped devices placed by a medical professional inside of a woman’s uterus.  IUDs are the most effective type of birth control other than abstinence.  Copper IUDs are non-hormonal, can last up to 12 years, and are over 99% effective.  They work by releasing a small amount of copper into the uterus that prevents the sperm from fertilizing the egg.  Progestin IUDs are also over 99% effective, and are a great option for women that prefer hormonal-based birth control.  They can last up to 6 years.  These IUDs are free under the ACA.  Get them while you can.  If the ACA is ruled unconstitutional, they could cost you $400-$1000 if you want one. 

Copper IUDs are non-hormonal, can last up to 12 years, are over 99% effective.

The Pill.  The birth control pill comes in several types, but the general concept is the same.  A woman takes a pill every day that prevents her from getting pregnant.  This is free under the ACA and can prevent pregnancy at a 90% or greater rate when used correctly.

The Shot.  This is another option used by some women.  A hormonal shot is injected once every 3 months that can prevent pregnancy at about a 94% rate.  It works by preventing the ovaries from releasing eggs.

Abortion. If you are pregnant, and you are considering abortion, you might want to reconsider.  Pregnancy and delivery are often covered for free under most State Medicaid programs.  And many people wish to adopt children that are unable to themselves.  Abortion, however, is not free.  If you have already decided on abortion, or have already had one – please consider getting a copper IUD in the future (free and lasts up to 12 years), or using one of the other forms of birth control on this list.

Other. Many other types of birth control exist as well.  These include the female condom, the sponge, the patch, the ring, and the birth control implant.  Most of these will be covered for free under your ACA compatible health insurance plan.

When considering all of these options, implanted devices are the most effective (over 99%) and longest lasting (years).  Specifically – IUD’s and the birth control implant (placed under the skin in a woman’s arm).  They can be removed any time but require a medical professional.  This is all usually going to be free if you have an ACA compliant health insurance plan.

For more information on if your plan covers these options, contact us and we’d be happy to help with your questions.


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