The 2019 health insurance marketplace in St. Louis is slightly different than in 2018.  Shown below are what we believe to be the best options out there for the people in the StL area.

Disclaimer – Any prices shown below are not guaranteed by us, and are subject to change over time.  Contact us for up-to-date personalized quotes.


Health Insurance Marketplace plans in St. Louis, MO:

Two health insurance companies are offering coverage in Saint Louis, MO on the health insurance marketplace – Ambetter Health & Cigna.  Both of these companies offer multiple plans.  The pricing is the same for males and females.  Each of these plans have EPO networks.  This means that if you travel outside of the StL area, or go to the wrong doctor or hospital, you are not covered at all.

Cigna has the cheapest health insurance plan overall (Cigna Connect 7000 EPO), with a high deductible of $7000, and no coverage for doctor visits (expect preventative care) until after that deductible is met.   This means that you have to pay $7,000 in medical expenses each year before the insurance company chips in any money.  That is a great option for some, but not so much for others.  In Saint Louis, MO – if you don’t qualify for a discount due to your income.  A 25 year old is $255/month.  A 35 year old is $310/month.  A 45 year old is $367/month.  A 55 year old is $566/month.   And a 64 year old is $762/month.  If you think these prices are high (they are) – these same health insurance plans are even higher in Kansas City.

Ambetter Health has a plan (Ambetter Balanced Care 11) that covers Doctor and Specialist visits at a decent price before reaching your deductible.  The deductible on this plan is $6000.  A doctor visit is a $30 copay. Specialist visits are a $60 copay.  Generic drugs are a $20 copay.  Preferred brand-name drugs are a $50 copay.  This plan is $329/month for a 25 year old, $400/month for a 35 year old, $473/month for a 45 year old, $730/month for a 55 year old, and $983/month for a 64 year old.

Ambetter also has 2 plans which include Vision and Adult Dental.  These are more expensive plans, but may be worth it for some people.  Often, your best option is to just purchase a separate dental plan that stays with you and isn’t tied to your health plan.

All of the plans are eligible for lower prices than listed above if your income is under a certain level.  The lower your income, the lower the price.  The higher your income, the higher the price – up to the amounts listed above.  Contact us for specific health insurance quotes or more details.

A cheaper option – Short-Term Health Plans:

In 2019, the individual mandate to have health insurance is no longer in effect.  This means that if you don’t have health insurance on the marketplace, you will NOT be charged a penalty of 2.5% of your income, as it was in 2018.

Short-Term health plans might be a good option for you if you don’t have any pre-existing conditions and if you don’t take any prescriptions.  National General is our company of choice for many of these plans, as they offer coverage that lasts up to 12 months in length.  This can get you covered in 2019 for a much lower price than the plans listed above, if you don’t qualify for a discount due to your income.   Another bonus of the short term health plans is the network of doctors and hospitals.  These plans offer a robust, nation-wide network, to get you covered just about anywhere in the country.

For Short-Term Health Insurance Plan in Saint Louis, Missouri with a $2500 deductible, with 100% coverage after – a 25 year old would be $118.50/month.  A 35 year old would be $150.66/month.  A 45 year old would be $289.06.  A 55 year old would be $522.97.  A 64 year old would be $633.03/month.

Small Group Health Insurance:

If you own a business, another option may be available to you.  You must have at least one person working for you to be able to qualify for a small group health plan.

If you do qualify for small group health insurance, this is often your best bet, as the prices are lower than the individual coverage through the marketplace.  And unlike the short-term health plans, small group health insurance covers pre-existing conditions, RXs, and maternity.

Many plan options are available for small group health insurance.  For personalized quotes or to see if you are eligible, contact us for more details.

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