Let’s face it, health insurance is expensive!  Especially when considering that all pre-existing conditions are now covered under the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  While that has helped many people in need of health care, it has also really jacked up the rates.

With Life Insurance, the opposite is true.  It continues to get cheaper as life expectancies continue to rise.

As you may know, life insurance can have options added on, called Riders.  These are often very cheap to add to a life policy, and can cover an array of what they call “Living Benefits”.  These benefits let you access your death benefit early for instances such as Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, blindness, paralysis, etc.

And because you must health qualify to receive these benefits, it is much cheaper than other health insurance plans, and can therefore be a smart source of additional health benefits.

You may be able to get life insurance with living benefits cheaper than you would get similar benefits purchased separately as part of a health insurance plan.

Life Insurance with Living Benefits is not something you would want to use as a stand-alone health insurance plan, it is just a cheap way to get EXTRA health insurance protection.  This will keep you covered well in case of a major illness, when unexpected costs can come from all directions.