Do health insurance plans cover mental health?


If you have an ACA compliant health plan, the answer is “Yes”.

If you do not have an ACA compliant health plan, the answer is very likely “No”.

ACA compliant health plans are also known as “Obamacare” and are purchased on the health insurance marketplace.  Contact us for more details.  These plans are for individuals and families.

If you have group health insurance from an employer, it is very likely that they cover mental health also, as the group plans are typically also ACA compliant (in 2018/2019).

This mental health coverage should include regular visits to mental health professionals, mental health hospital stays, and rehab.

These things may change in the near future, depending on pending court decisions.  The ACA was found unconstitutional by a Federal Judge in Texas in December of 2018.  This decision will likely be appealed to the Supreme Court.  If it is upheld and the ACA is no longer in effect, some people may lose their mental health benefits, unless they choose a plan that specifically covers that.

For specific details, refer to your policy or summary of benefits for your plan.  If you would like assistance finding this information, Contact Us and we will help.

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